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WEBSITE UPDATE – COUNTY COURTHOUSE INFORMATION –  The State Bar has updated the section on our website that supplies information on each county. Working with the Supreme Court of Appeals, the website now provides information on the circuit court, family court, magistrate court, and probation office in each county by clicking on the photo of the County Courthouse. Click here to check out the county courthouse section of the website. If you have any comments or concerns about this new service, the website, or any technology issue concerning the State Bar, please contact Mike Mellace at 304-558-8920 or

PUBLIC COMMENT – The Court has issued an order for Public Comment on Proposed Amendments on Rules to Govern Mandatory Continuing Legal Education. Click here to review the proposed amendments.  The deadline date for public comments is February 29, 2012.

REQUEST FOR PUBLIC COMMENT – The Court has published for Comment Proposed Amendments to  Create Rule 29, Commercial Litigation, WV Trial Court Rules. The Business Court Study Committee was created by the Court for the purpose of evaluating the business court legislation passed as Enrolled Committee Substitute for House Bill No. 4352, including the law’s applicability, practicality, and any other issues the members may discover in the course of their study.  Click here to review the Order.  Comments should be filed in writing with the Clerk of the Court on or before May 11, 2012.

SUBMIT YOUR MCLE CREDITS ONLINE  – To check or submit your MCLE credits online, you must have an e-mail on file with the State Bar Office.  Go to for instructions to check or submit your credits online.   If you have problems, please contact Mike Mellace at

2012 WEST VIRGINIA JUDICIAL BENCHBOOK FOR CHILD ABUSE & NEGLECT PROCEEDINGS –  The 2012 West Virginia Judicial Benchbook for Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings is now available for free download at or A product of the Court Improvement Program of Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, the 2012 benchbook contains checklists, case law, rules, and statutes relevant to child abuse and neglect proceedings.

LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE – Sign up now to be part of the State Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS). LRS gives you access to potential clients and also assists with providing a service to our citizens in our State who seek legal advice and counseling. Through its companion Service, the Lawyer Information Service, referrals are made to lawyers who are part of LRS. These referrals are screened and designated to go to lawyers who practice in specific areas of law and in specific geographic locations. Clients referred pay you a one time $25 fee for the consultation and in the event you take the matter, you determine the contractual relationship with your new client. The State Bar has no involvement except to facilitate the referral from the public to the Lawyer Information Service.

For a limited time, the State Bar is waiving the $50 annual fee. If interested in the Lawyer Referral Service, please Click here to register .

JOB POSTINGS –  In order to assist our members in locating suitable employment in these hard economic times, The State Bar has established a Career Services link on the website. To view the job postings, members will need to login under the members link, then select the Career Services link from the drop down under the members tab.  Attorney position will be  posted, for a period of fourteen (14) calendar days and all contacts regarding the opening will be made directly with the potential employer.  If you have any current openings or know of any jobs that you think would be good for our career services page please go to and complete the required information. Questions regarding the site should be directed to Mike Mellace via email