Voluntary Fee Dispute Resolution Program


The West Virginia State Bar offers a Voluntary Fee Dispute Resolution Program designed to assist clients and lawyers in working out differences which have arisen between them regarding fees and/or costs.  The program may be initiated by either the client or the attorney by sending information regarding the dispute, including any relevant documents, to the Executive Director of the State Bar.  The materials sent to the Executive Director are then assigned to an attorney member of the District Grievance Committee, approved by the State Bar Board of Governors, who resides in the county in which the claimant resides.  The materials are also shared with the other party, who has an opportunity to respond to the issues raised in the initial letter.  The District Grievance Committee member may contact both parties in an effort to resolve the dispute.  The Committee member is asked to complete these efforts within a thirty (30) day timeframe.


Send Requests to caseya@wvbar.org or mail to:

Executive Director
The West Virginia State Bar
2000 Deitrick Blvd.
Charleston, WV 25311