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MEDIATOR LISTINGS – In order to bring The State Bar in compliance with Rule 25.04 of the West Virginia Trial Court Rules, The State Bar has established a website listing of members who are both willing and qualified to serve as mediators in the circuit courts of this State. A member who wishes to be listed as a mediator shall pay an annual fee of $25.00. If the member is willing to serve on a volunteer basis, this will be noted on his/her listing and the fee shall be waived. The listing of mediators will be by county and in alphabetical order for that county. Initially, the mediator may only be listed for the county in which he or she maintains his or her State Bar address. To view Rule 25.04 of the West Virginia Trial Court Rules Click Here. To view the qualifications established by The State Bar’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee click here. Participation forms  click here or visit Members section of the website.

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Questions regarding the form should be directed to Mike Mellace at or 304-553-7223. Other questions should be directed to Anita Casey, State Bar Executive Director at or 304-553-7228. NOTE: It is not the intent of The West Virginia State Bar that this list be the exclusive list of individuals who may serves as mediators, or may be otherwise qualified to perform mediations, but is a list mandated by Trial Court Rule 25.04.