Opportunities/Information to assist in Relief Efforts

October 17th, 2017 Flood Relief Seminar

Presenters & Topics:
Ann Haight – Warnings about contractors, price gouging, and charities
Tammy Bowles Raines – Flood Insurance
Thomas Hancock – Dealing with FEMA appeals
Kate White – Landlord/tenant and government benefits available in a disaster



Three Opportunities to assist in Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

September 7: One-Hour Briefing

Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey: Disaster Assistance (FREE)

Historic rainfall and devastating destruction has left many in dire need of assistance. Register now for PLI’s One-Hour Briefing and learn what resources are available and how you can help.

Expert faculty will provide an overview of federal disaster assistance; discuss eligibility criteria for the Individual and Households Program; offer a broad overview of the National Flood Insurance Program; assist with understanding the Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) and claims; explain appeal and judicial review regarding a denial of a flood insurance claim; share the most common reasons for FEMA denials and practice tips to help survivors overcome FEMA denials. Click here to Register


ABA Free On-Demand Resources

Disaster Relief: What Lawyers Can Do to Help Representing Disaster Survivors (Parts I & II)

Click Here to visit the ABA’s website and register for courses


Pro Bono Service Opportunity for Lawyers Nationwide to Help Hurricane Victims

We know that many lawyers across the nation would like to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. One way to help is to provide volunteer legal services through ABA/Texas Free Legal Answers. We have modified the ABA Free Legal Answers system in Texas to permit out of state attorneys to volunteer to answer Harvey related questions, per an order issued by the Texas Supreme Court permitting such service. Information on how to do this is offered in the attached flyer. Training resources are provided.

We would be grateful for your assistance in conveying this information to bar associations, law firms or attorneys interested in assisting Harvey victims.

Additionally, the ABA has created a web page with information about Harvey relief, including how to volunteer. Click here to visit the ABA’s web page