State Bar Phone Number Changes

In order to better serve our members and the public, and to keep up with technology, the State Bar needs to replace its outdated phone system. The new technology and phone system will require the State Bar to change its current phone numbers. Effective November 1, 2012, the State Bar’s main and direct dial phone numbers will change. The current toll free number will remain the same. Current phone numbers may still be used through December 1. As the new numbers are assigned, you will be notified. We appreciate your patience as the State Bar makes this transition.New phone numbers:

304-553-7220 (main)

866-989-8227 (toll-free)

304-558-2467 (fax)

New Phone Numbers for Staff:

Anita R. Casey, Esq. –
Executive Director (304) 553-7228

Sarah Harper-Jones CPA – Financial Director (304) 553-7226 – MCLE Coordinator (304) 553-7238

Cheryl Petty – Administrative Assistant (304)553-7229

Kathy Henning – Executive Secretary (304) 553-7225

Mike Mellace – Technology & Communications Specialist (304) 553-7223