Request for Comment on Proposed Revisions to the Rules of Profession Conduct and Ancillary Matters

By order entered April 14, 2014, the Court approved a 60-day period of public comment on major revisions to the Rules of Professional Conduct that are intended to update the rules in conformity with West Virginia law, and are largely patterned after the American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct.  As a consequence of the proposed revisions to the Rules of Professional Conduct, two additional subject matters are affected: admission of out-of-state lawyers pro hac vice and the administration of client trust accounts, including the Interest on Lawyer’s Trust Accounts (IOLTA) Program. These two subject matters are addressed in Rule 8 of the Rules for Admission to the Practice of Law and proposed State Bar Administrative Rule 10, respectively. State Bar Administrative Rule 10 will form a part of a new set of rules that will replace the existing State Bar Rules and Regulations. The new State Bar Administrative Rules are still under development, and the remaining portions will be released for comment later this year. Because State Bar Administrative Rule 10 relates to the subject matter in the proposed amendments to Rule 1.15 of the Rules of Professional Conduct, it is appropriate for consideration as part of this package of rule changes. All practicing lawyers are encouraged to review the revisions carefully and submit comments. The public comment period closes on Friday, June 13, 2014. To review the proposed changes, click here.