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August 22, 2017 – A toll-free legal aid hotline is now available for victims of the recent storms and flooding in West Virginia. The service, which allows callers to request the assistance of a lawyer, is a partnership between the West Virginia State Bar, Legal Aid of West Virginia, the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

A toll-free legal hotline (877-331-4259) is available to connect low-income individuals affected by the disaster with local legal aid providers who can help with:

  • Assistance securing FEMA and other government benefits available to disaster victims;
  • Assistance with life, medical, and property insurance claims;
  • Help with home repair contracts and contractors;
  • Replacement of wills and other important legal documents lost or destroyed in the disaster;
  • Consumer protection issues such as price-gouging and avoiding contractor scams in the rebuilding process;
  • Counseling on mortgage-foreclosure problems; and
  • Counseling on landlord-tenant problems

The hotline is available 24/7 and callers can leave a message any time. Individuals who qualify for assistance will be matched with West Virginia lawyers who have volunteered to provide free, limited legal help. Volunteers will be available soon to assist with the hotline.

Victims should be aware that there are some limitations on disaster legal services. For example, assistance is not available for cases that will produce a fee (i.e., those cases where attorneys are paid part of the settlement by the court). Such cases are referred to a local lawyer referral service.

Major Disaster Declaration
A total of 4 West Virginia counties have been approved to receive federal assistance in the wake of major storms and flooding that began in late June. The counties are Harrison, Marion, Marshall, and Wetzel (additional counties may be added later).


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Helpful Phone Numbers

Toll-free Legal Hotline: 877-331-4259
Crisis Clean Up
: 800-451-1954

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