Online Lawyer Referral Service

The West Virginia State Bar is excited to announce that its Lawyer Referral Service website is up and running.  The website contains both general information and definitions on specific areas of the law.  The site also provides links to other related websites and service providers.  Members of the public are able to “surf” the site at any time.  Contact information for attorneys, who have indicated they may be willing to provide services in specific practice areas, is immediately available.

As a service to both the Bar staff and the public,PLEASE DO NOT SEND INDIVIDUALS TO THE STATE BAR for attorney referrals.  Our limited staff is unable to provide the quick and efficient services which can be obtained through the Lawyer Referral website, located at

Please click here to print a flyer which can be used as an information source for your staff when calls are received or walk-ins come to your office who you are unable to assist.  Similar postings have been provided to all 55 circuit and county clerks, as well as many public libraries.

Thank you for your assistance with providing this information.  Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Adkins, Chair of the State Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service Committee at or Anita Casey at or 304-553-7228.