Election of Members to the Board of Governors – Districts 6-10

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The By‑Laws of The West Virginia State Bar provide for the election of a member to the Board of Governors for a three‑year term from State Bar Districts 6 through 10.  One Governor is elected from each State Bar District, with the exception of District 8 where four Governors are elected.

Nominations for the Board shall be by written petition signed by, not less than, 10 members of the same district in which they and the nominee have their principal offices for the practice of law.  Where there are fewer than ninety (90) members in a district, the signature of ten percent of the members shall be sufficient. The counties comprising the electing districts are:

6  – McDowell & Mingo (6 required to nominate)
7  – Boone, Logan & Lincoln (8 required to nominate)
8  – Kanawha – (10 required to nominate)
9  – Raleigh & Wyoming (10 required to nominate)
10 – Mercer, Summers & Monroe (10 required to nominate)

A nominating petition is located on the back of this page.  A copy of the nominating petition can also be found on The State Bar website under the For Attorneys tab, under Forms.  When signed by the requisite number of members, the petition must be received, by mail, email or fax no later than midnight February 10, 2017, by the Executive Director of The West Virginia State Bar, 2000 Deitrick Boulevard, Charleston, WV 25311-1231; caseya@wvbar.org; or fax 304.553.7228.  If multiple copies of the petition are used, they must be sent together.  At least one petition must bear the signature and acceptance of nomination by the member being nominated.  Note that Article IV, Section 6, of the ByLaws states, in pertinent part: No member shall sign more than one nominating petition in any year.

All new Board of Governors members will be required to attend training on March 27, 2017, beginning at 10 am at the State Bar Center in Charleston.  If you cannot participate in person you can arrange to participate via video conference.  Attendance at the Annual Meeting on April 2 at 11 am in Charleston is also required.

If I may provide you with additional information about the Board of Governors and its activities, or about the election process, please do not hesitate to contact me at 304.553.7228 or by email at caseya@wvbar.org.