CLE Inquires June 29 – July 4, our CLE Coordinator, will  be out of the office from June 29 – July 4.  If you have inquiries, please contact her before or after these dates.  No other Bar staff member will be able to assist you during this time period.

If you have an inquiry between June 29 and July 4, please send an e-mail rather than leaving a voice mail message.  Please do not do both.  Your inquiry will receive a response as soon as possible after July 4.

Please note that there is an automatic thirty (30) day grace period.  You may take courses during the month of July and carry the credits back to meet the 2014-2016 reporting period.  There is no penalty if all approved credits are completed AND filed by July 31, 2016.  Please be sure to select the appropriate reporting period ending date for courses taken during the month of July, either the reporting period ending in 2016 or the reporting period ending in 2018.