Annual Professional Limited Liability Organization Renewals

The West Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct allow attorneys who are licensed to practice law in the State to register as a Limited Liability Organization. In order to insure that the professional limited liability organization is in compliance with the laws of The State of West Virginia, the organization is required to file a renewal application with The State Bar each year. Any change in the corporate organization from the prior year must be reported. Current certificates of insurance, confirming that the organization is in compliance with the minimum limits of coverage required by the Secretary of State’s Office, must also be provided. Due to changes in how we process our PLLC Annual Renewals we are asking that every PLLC register with an email address. Please follow the steps below in order to complete your online renewal of your PLLC.

Step 1: Instruct the office manager or administrator of your PLLC go to: to enter in the email address that you would like to have on file with The State Bar for your PLLC registration.

Step 2: After filling out the online form you will be sent an email within 48 hours allowing you to register on . You will then be prompted to enter in your PLLC’s contact information, Proof of Insurance, PLLC Articles of Organization, and your preferred form of payment.

Deadline: Every PLLC needs to complete their Annual Renewal before July 1, 2012.

If you have questions concerning the requirements for a limited liability organization, contact Anita R. Casey at 304-558-7993 or If you have questions concerning the process for online filing contact Mike Mellace at 304-558-8920 or