New State Bar ID Cards

The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia has approved the State Bar’s use of photo ID cards, issued through the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, as the official State Bar identification card. To obtain the new card you will need to complete the Photo ID Membership Card Application online at Print the completed form and mail to The West Virginia State Bar, ATTN: Photo ID Cards, 2000 Deitrick Boulevard, Charleston, WV 25311. Do not fax or email the form to The State Bar. When the State Bar receives your Photo ID Membership Card Application, your information will be verified and submitted to the DMV, which will assign a number to your application. Please note that the form you submit to The State Bar will be destroyed so your Social Security number will not be on file at The State Bar. Once that designated DMV application number is provided to you by the State Bar, you can visit any West Virginia DMV office, with an additional photo ID and $5 (cash, check, credit card or money order), and acquire your West Virginia State Bar Photo ID Membership Card.


If you have a non-photo, laminated card, that card remains a valid State Bar ID card. If you have questions concerning the new ID cards, please contact Anita Casey at 304-558-7993 or or Cheryl Wright at 304-558-0828 or